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* Valid from 01/03/20 al 29/03/20. Only for reservations monthly rentals. Not combinable with other discount.

Residencia Universitaria La Casa del Girasol

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The Sunflower House

We have 19 years of experience hosting students from all around the world. At The Sunflower House, we accomodate Argentine and foreign students over the age of 18. We stand out from the rest by the design and style. The hostess is a designer and used hers creativity and good taste in every room. After touring several countries, she decided to create a boutique residence, where she applied her experience throughout the world. Thus was born "The Sunflower House" Boutique University Residence.

How and for whom?

It has an exclusive audience of college students. We have a total of 15 places. The residence is decorated in a fun and modern. In The Sunflower House places you will find spacious and comfortable, the level of students is very good.

The goal is for all live with happiness, peace and freedom.

The House has an excellent location in the City of Buenos Aires, near major universities, is surrounded by avenues. Therefore you have many bus lines at your fingertips. Tenes meters from the subway to the Sunflower House.

The rooms are spacious, bright, clean and equipped with everything you need. All overlook a central courtyard with plants. The courtyard has tables and chairs for relaxing under a big tree.
There is a kitchen where you can cook something delicious, it has a microwave and refrigerator. Or if you want you can go to the reception room to watch TV.

If you want you can cook a barbecue on the large grill, sunbathe on the terrace decorated with plants, trees and flowers or study and drink mate enjoying a nice afternoon. If you want to study, you can go to study hall or chatting with family and friends on the computer. Or surf the Internet wireless (WI-FI) from anywhere in the house.

Summarizing is a huge house with many benefits for you to use. I hope!!

Students who elected us

Student Dorms
They are equipped with everything for your comfort. We have rooms with Private Bathrooms and rooms with Shared Bathroom.
We detail as they are and containing:

  • Single, Double, Triple and Quintuple
  • Design rooms, spacious, bright and clean
  • WI-FI wireless Internet access in all rooms
  • Closet
  • Wooden bed, mattress and pillow
  • Wooden study desks with desk lamp for each student
  • Chairs with cushion
  • Carpet at the foot of the bed
  • Bookshelf in single, double and triple
  • Included bed linens: Sheets, blanket, Duvet and bath towel
Habitación de La Casa del Girasol

La Casa del Girasol Residencia Universitaria


THE AMENITIES provided "Sunflower House"
:: Free Wireless Internet in all rooms
Rooms comfortable and clean
:: Rooms equipped with everything for your comfort,
bed, mattress, pillow, sheets, feather cover, place
of studio, desk lamp and chair for each student. closet.

:: Coset and Lockers
:: Fans in all rooms
:: Heating
:: TV 29 "LCD by cable
:: Room to study with PC
:: Reading central courtyard, decorated with plants
:: Sunbathing terrace with small fruit trees
and flowers. Chairs for sunbathing

:: Great grill for barbecue with friends
:: Kitchen: gas stove, microwave, refrigerator and a
welcoming space for breakfast, snack or eat

::Telephone for incoming calls or calling card.
:: Iron and ironing board
:: Input and output without time limit
:: Sector to wash and hang clothes
:: Laundry service at very low cost
:: Cleaning Service
:: Hot and cold water 24 hours.
:: Airport Service
:: And a fun decoration!

La Casa del Girasol Residencia Universitaria

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Rates Effective,  March 1st  2020  The house has rooms with private bathrooms and rooms with shared bathroom.

PROMOTION long stays
(One month or more)
With shared bathroom
  - Quintuple/Cuadruple Room AR$ 16.060 per person per month
  - Triple Room AR$ 17.490 per person per month
  - Double Room AR$ 19.470 per person per month
  - Single Room AR$ 24.090 per person per month
With PRIVATE bathroom
  - Triple Room AR$ 18.040 per person per month
  - Double Room AR$ 20.570 per person per month
  - Single Room AR$ 25.740 per person per month

(Less than one month)
With shared bathroom
  - Quintuple Room AR$ 1.000 per person per day
  - Triple Room AR$ 880 per person per day
  - Double Room AR$ 1.180 per person per day
  - Single Room AR$ 1.400 per person per day

With PRIVATE bathroom
  - Triple Room AR$ 1.000 per person per day
  - Double Room AR$ 1.250 per person per day
  - Single Room AR$ 1.500 per person per day


Security Deposit: AR$ 7.000. The deposit is returnable at the time of check-out, once returned linens, down duvet, blanket, towel, keys, which itself was provided in optimal conditions.

WE DO NOT CHARGE Registration fee

  • The price includes
    . Free Wireless Internet (WI-FI) in rooms and throughout the house
    . Locker and Closet
    . Desk and desk lamp
    . Cleaning
    . Bedding (Sheets, Quilt Quilted Pens)
    . heating
    . Fans in all rooms
    . Computer in common area
    . Kitchen: gas stove, microwave, refrigerator
    . Iron and ironing board
    . Reading central courtyard, decorated with plants
    . Solarium: terrace and sun lounge chairs.
    . Besides the fully equipped room bed, closet, desk, lamp, etc.!!
    and all the comforts of home Sunflower. More info on Services

    Check-In: 12:00 hs.
    Check-Out: 10:00 hs.

Value deal!

(One month or more)

10% OFF "Students" *
* Valid from 01/03/20 al 29/03/20. Only for reservations monthly rentals. Not combinable with other discount.

- 10% Students from the University of Palermo (UP)
-10% Students of Masters or PhD from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)
-10% Students from Centro Universitario
de Idiomas (CUI).

La Casa del Girasol Residencia Universitaria


We are 12 blocks of Congress, in the neighborhood. Balvanera. As we are located between several avenues, no transport problems. A few meters from the University Residence Sunflower House is the Subway H. It is a quiet area, close to major universities.

ADDRESS: Venezuela 2631 Cap. Fed. - Buenos Aires - Argentina. Request interview visit.

BUSES passing through the area:
2 - 7 - 5 - 61 - 84 - 98 - 101 - 103 - 115 - 118 - 129 - 168 - 188 - 5 - 19 - 32 - 41 - 52 - 64 - 68 - 71 - 75 - 86 - 88 - 104 -105 - 132 - 151 - 165 - 168 (R60).......and more.

Line H - Station "VENEZUELA" passes meters Residence!!! Jujuy Av. and Venezuela.
Line A - Station "PLAZA MISERERE": Rivadavia Av. and Jujuy Av.( 5 blocks away)
Line B - Station "PUEYRREDON": Corrientes Av. and Pueyrredón Av. ( 10 blocks away)
Line E - Station "INDEPENDENCIA": Independencia Av. and Jujuy Av. ( 10 blocks away).

Station "ONCE", 6 blocks away.

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Buenos Aires. Cómo viajo?




Students who stayed, you can take your souvenir, a reminder of who were and enjoyed the Sunflower House. Prices: $ Consult.





For availability inquiries send us the form




Venezuela 2631
Buenos Aires City - Argentina.

Phone contact:

(54-11) 49 61 70 12 info@lacasadelgirasol.com.ar

To know Sunflower House interview request: (54-11) 49 61 70 12

Rules of Sunflower House, click here